Important information about the coronavirus

Information from the authorities

What do you do if you suspect you are sick with the new coronavirus?

  • If you are ill, stay at home.
  • Read on the websites in your municipality where you can request to be tested.
  • If you are ill and need medical help, or need individual health advice, contact your GP by phone or electronically.
  • If you need emergency health care and do not get in touch with your GP, call 116 117.
  • In case of life-threatening illness or injury, call 113.

More information and advice can be found at and There you will find answers to most questions, and contact information for the coronavirus information phone.

Contact the GP office

It is desirable that patients who do not need to call the GP / doctor’s office communicate digitally.

By communicating digitally, you help those who need to talk to a doctor / doctor’s office to get through the phone as quickly as possible.